Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kobiety u Koterskiego-03


It is for Miauczyńskiego prison, and his attitude to marriage illustrates perfectly the internal dialogue in the Life:

MICHAEL Miauczyński (Wojciech Wysocki): Since the wedding I'm thinking about divorce.
MOTHER (Antonina Gordon-Górecka): It's something you got married?

M.M.: I was ashamed to be a bachelor.

It is no wonder that Michael and Adam hates his home, and his wife see as the worst tormentor. Michael blames women for all their problems, which continues to inform her: "What are you surprised that I have a face. I have a face, because I'm tired. I'm tired because I did not dare to sexually be with you "and he sees, or imagines, naked body of his wife (Joanna Sienkiewicz), as something unattractive especially when compared with other women's visions, which are generally mitzvah in the elevator. Actually, we do not know what this unattractiveness is, because the wife is not ugly. The problem lies rather in the fact that it is boring and, like mothers day and crazy We're All Christs, soulless and, worst of all, do not listen to what he says to her husband. But actually, her husband sees her as a projection of his mother's behavior, and therefore prophylactic little to her said that the case did not deprive the possibility of complaining that no one ever listens. Even when his wife repeated word for word what was said, Michael yells that he does not listen, because I do not feel understood. The only moment when the couple talking with a genuine commitment and for being away from home is to slander a neighbor, who is expecting a child. Koterski explains, however, "mimicry," his wife, who adapts to her husband, this is why this special compliance reviews and recovery call #. But we can not interpret the conversation as a genuine agreement, because mimicry is characteristic of animals, not humans and animals are intimidated by stronger species.

Wife 2

Bored wife, stress their common meals in front of TV, which set the rhythm of the day and the movie, but do not retain the selection of the ritual, which took meals at home. Perhaps it is a woman's loss of power, because without the priest's difficult to find a ritual, and his wife in his eyes Miauczyńskiego be suitable for the highest sacrifice to god, but definitely not on the priestess. So the wife still serves as a feeding and zadbywania, but loses his position and therefore also enjoy expire. Seemingly good thing for a man is that he can start for a change to terrorize partner while drinking the soup, instead of humbly subject strofowaniu mother.

Michael looks at his wife in disgust. A woman looks like a Zombie - a face without expression, the approximation usually show it while eating, which makes it looks like a cow chewing grass slowly and blindly. The camera stops on longer on her face, which produces an effect, as if Michael was looking at his wife, wondering how he could marry her. Apparently, the woman almost never takes place in his life, not reprimanded, is not incompatible with it, do it like a normal mother and father, but all of the occupied space is, according to Miauczyńskiego, too much. He wants to divorce, but it seems to him by the end of a good solution. As an explanation for the hero recalls the time, desire to be near his son, or housing problems, but the reasons remain in the marriage appear to be different. He wonders in particular the fact that the careful matching of words by his wife, the way he does it himself Miauczyński. With him is to attempt to define more precisely the reality that is lost, so why being so empty, worthless and uninteresting, which, according to Michael, he is not a partner for the intellectual, is also struggling with the reality, instead of adopting it crudely, without reflection?

Wife 3

Negative characteristics of his wife, according to the thesis in the introduction, is a projection of his own problems, inhibitions, disorientation and inability to find a place and purpose in life. Miauczyński believes his life is unbearable, that he does not work in their roles, to make matters worse is not even sure what exactly is the role and as a result of frustration, disappointment together and spits in his own existence rather than to spit on his wife mirror. Still prefers to live with it and convince yourself that he is ill and close by it would just not come face to face with their own loss. According to Fromm, our culture is the transition state between patriarchy and matriarchy. Battle of the sexes is still pending, it is not known which of them will win. The worst in this state transition is the loss of traditional functions of a man and woman who puts them in a situation of loss - none of the gender does not know what role #. That's why Miauczyński prefers to leave someone in sight, and inadequate deteriorating his life, not just to admit that he did not know who he is and what is the meaning of his life.

The character of the internal life of his wife, however, is deeply tragic, because after all, the woman declares that she loves her husband, and this clearly says that it does not yet mean that it needs to be loved, and it is not. His wife desperately trying to draw attention to himself by talking about assaults exhibitionist and a colleague from work, but it is not the Miauczyński in the least agitated. Every time when a woman has once again rejected, it seems that for a moment dies and her condition "zombizmu" getting worse. Under the influence of these events turns to his wife (Ewa Blaszczyk) with anything funny, which no longer loves her husband and more decisively than he seeks to free itself from the busy her marriage. Finally, in collaboration with her daughter accidentally kills her husband and be free - free not only in terms of marital status, but above all free from being what makes her husband look.

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